Resisting Trump begins

in the 15th district of Illinois.


Taking Back Congress In:








Phone: (217) 841-3419


Mail: 477 County Road, 2500 North

Mahomet, IL 61853


Carl Spoerer is an accomplished small businessman and coach at the University of Illinois.  Carl  will take a balanced, common-sense approach to representing the 15th Congressional District.  More interested in public service than partisan politics, Carl would replace 22 year incumbent and Washington insider Congressman John Shimkus who recently made embarrassing national headlines for suggesting that men should not contribute to insurance plans that cover care for women during pregnancy.  

Carl studied business at the University of Illinois University Urbana-Champaign receiving a degree both finance with emphasis on economics. He has worked in the field of home construction and landscaping and currently manages a successful telecommunications company which he founded.

Carl is well known in the athletic community in central and southern Illinois. After playing rugby for 17 years, he started coaching at the University of Illinois in 2005 and currently coaches the U of I Women’s Rugby Team. He also has coached fast pitch softball, girls basketball, boys baseball and football and boys soccer.  From time to time he still participates in mixed martial arts utilizing his training in; judo, wrestling, Tae Kwon Do, Karate and Aikido. Coaching has enabled him to work with students of a wide variety of different backgrounds from throughout the 15th Congressional District. He is an amateur marksman as he was raise on farms and currently lives in the country.  In the early 90s, Carl worked with the A.C.T.I.O.N. program to help provide mentorship to young men without fathers in their homes.

Spoerer believes in common-sense, rural values like honesty, fiscal responsibility and a fair deal for farmers, workers and other groups who Washington, DC has left behind. He is a social moderate and a financial conservative. Rather than voting in lockstep with Congressional leaders, Carl will be an independent voice who fights to protect Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, education and programs critical to farming communities. Carl’s number one goal for the district is to return the jobs lost over the last 20 years back to the district.  He believes we must provide opportunities to our youth to encourage staying in the district and raising families of their own.  He will be an open, accessible representative who will never forget the needs of working men and women in our Congressional District.